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The following accounts are experiences that people have shared with this site about interactions with Chandra Klem Haluczak and in some cases her mother, Lori Janik. You can also read these accounts on the facebook page:


Rodsden Rottweiler Reviews

Some of the accounts given to us at this website are anonymous, due to pending litigation with Chandra. These people are willing to discuss their stories in a private forum, so if you would like more info on one of the anonymous stories, please email us at

All of the testimonies on this site were provided by the individuals and are true to the best of our knowledge. In addition to the details provided to us by the individuals on this website, in most cases we have seen contracts, emails to and from Chandra, photos, texts and signed affidavits.  If you would like more information regarding any of the accounts written on this website, please email us at



Bob Little and I first got involved with Chandra with our co bred-litter. Chandra wanted to partner and do some dogs together and show. She stated she had homes and we could co-own some dogs and get puppies back and that she had pet homes. She also initiated a trade with us for one of our pups and a Bennelli x Chloe puppy. Arrangements were made to meet in Lexington during the Lexington Dog show. Chandra and her mother Lori Janik met Bob and I at a home rental as we brought all the puppies. Chandra did not bring money but stated her mother had a check. That check bounced. It took us almost two years of contacting her trying to recover our money. Still to this date all our money has not been recovered. It took us work to find our puppies. Chandra would misspell and give us false information on our owners. To this date we are still looking for a puppy and the rest of our money. If desired, I am happy to post the check, the emails trying to get our money and correspondence with Chandra and her husband. It continues to be a nightmare with this woman of deception to Bob and I.

Stephanie Lubbers

We are the owners of DKs Rottweilers in Indiana. Chandra contacted us looking to purchase two female pups we had. She stated that she was wanting to show them and eventually start her own breeding program separate from her grandmothers, Joan Klem, and Rodsden Rottweilers. We came to an agreement and she purchased the 2 girls. She kept us updated with pictures and info and everything seemed legit. She then a few months later contacted us about a male out of our Dzomba litter to show and use as a future stud. She purchased the male. Contracts were signed by all parties on each pup. A short while later we learned what she had done with our pups. She sold one girl to a lady who picked her up the night she got them from us. Then 2 weeks later sold them her sister. The pups were represented as Rodsden pups. It was not until I pushed her to see a copy of the registration and found the true owners. We contacted them. They wery nice people and they were as shocked as we were. We are still looking for our male pup. Not to take him but to help whomever may have him to get the correct paperwork. Whether you are a breeder or a buyer please beware of her.  She talks a great story but it turns out not to be true.

Devin McKamey

We were approached by Chandra Klem in January 2020 regarding pups we had for sale. Much like other breeders here, she came to us with the story about Rodsden Rottweilers and getting  her own line started. That day she bought a male puppy and the very next day came back to buy a second one. Lori Janik (Chandra’s mother) claimed it was for her. Within the next two weeks, Chandra and I kept in contact . She expressed that she was considering another female we had and that her soon to be son-in-law wanted one as well, to surprise her daughter as a wedding gift. Two more puppies were bought the following week. Chandra kept in touch for the most part claiming they were all starting obedience class together and how great the pups are. About a month down the road I was contacted by a gentleman claiming he had tracked me down and that he believed he bought one of our pups. You could imagine my shock when we have contracts that clearly state no resales of our pups. He also claimed that the pup was claimed to be out of a Rodsden line and that he was having issues getting paperwork from Chandra. Upon investigation we came to find out Chandra did indeed re-sell the puppy price for almost twice as much as she bought it.  She did claim it was a Rodsden line and that she sent pictures taken from my home claiming my female was a Rodsden dog. We still have not found our other 3 pups... 1 male and 2 females.

Greta Rexroad (Rice) with Von Schónen Rottweilers

I dealt with Rodsden Rottweilers and Chandra Klem in 2018. I contacted her about purchasing a puppy. She took a deposit from me in May 2018 for a litter she said was due on July 13th. She said that her dog Chloe had just been bred to Benelli. I verified she received my deposit and then waited for her to contact me about the pups. Two weeks after they were due I contacted her as I hadn't heard anything. She responded to me as if I was someone asking about puppies for the first time. ??? I reminded her that I had already talked to her AND she in fact had a deposit from me. I asked her about the puppies I assumed were a few weeks old. She said she had no puppies but would be breeding Chloe to Benelli soon and expected puppies in the fall. I asked about the litter I was expecting a puppy from and her response was that the breeding "didn't take". I don't understand why she didn't contact me to tell me this, considering she had my money. In September when her next promised litter was due she instead told me she was going to see a friend to  look at a show puppy to bring home to keep and if it was a good litter I could take a pup from this litter. I asked her about health, contract, pricing etc., because I didn't know this breeder. She assured me it was a good breeder and puppies were good. In the end I did receive a puppy from this other breeder. I picked my puppy up from Chandra in Sept. 2018. She said that she had paid for the puppy so I should pay her. I've since found out that Chandra lied to me about numerous things including the price of the puppy. She charged me $500 more than the breeder pricing. It then took me over a year and numerous phone calls and texts to her to get the registration papers that she said I'd get 3 weeks after I picked up the puppy. This woman lied to me REPEATEDLY. She kept telling me that she had contacted the AKC and papers were coming and not to call the AKC because she had taken care if it. Month after month she gave me different stories as to why I didn't have the registration yet. A year later I finally called the AKC myself and found out she was NOT taking care if it at all. She owed them money and had not been contacting them like she told me she had. I received my dog's papers over a year after she was born and that was only after I got angry with her and would be contacting the breeder directly. I really thought I had done my due diligence in researching good breeders. Unfortunately, despite my efforts, I learned the hard way that she is not trustworthy at all.

Beth Cloyd

My issues with Chandra started before I even got my puppy and like everyone else, there were tons of red flags, but I was just too excited for him and I disregarded them. She put off giving him to me for 2 weeks because she said the litter got into something and they were having a reaction, so the vet was monitoring them. When I finally went to pick him up on Halloween, she told me I would have a choice between 2 (knowing I wanted a male). Well there were 2 but one was a female. Anyway, I picked him up and it was and still is a constant battle and continual lies for EVERYTHING. First she sent me record for a puppy with an underbite so I called her out. Then she sent me records for a puppy who was 9 weeks in September but mine was born August 19th so he wasn’t even a month old yet. Then she sends me another and attempted to be sneaky and cut off the pets info but I was able to see that it was records from a Banfield so I called them and the only records they had were for a female. I have called her out every step of the way and she always thinks she has a “clever” answer. I then proceeded to ask why he has some scars and she said it was probably from rough housing with his siblings but these are pretty bad so something clearly happened. I also asked if she had the dewclaws removed (knowing damn well I was setting her up for a failed answer) well she said no when he actually had 2 removed and the other 2 my vet thinks were removed poorly and grew back so she clearly knew nothing about this puppy. Then when it came to the AKC paperwork, she kept saying Wendi (Benelli’s owner who is supposed to be the sire) had not signed the papers yet and it was just a time consuming process. Eventually I told her I contacted the AKC and she told me she spoke with them and they would be sending me the paperwork which was also the day before the AKC reached out to me and said they would let me know if they ever had contact with another lie. I eventually got in contact with Wendi who told me she has done previous breeding with Chandra but none that produced puppies born in August. She said was sorry and had no idea Chandra was putting Benelli on contracts as the sire to multiple litters that he wasn’t a part of. I love my puppy he’s the best thing that’s happened to me but this has been the most frustrating on going process.

Shelby Malatia

I have had several situations with Chandra Klem-Haluczak from March of 2019 on. All have just recently come to light in 2020. The situations all intertwine but they are all very different so I will be posting them individually. I will also be posting them as timelines since this was how I had to put the pieces together.


I met Chandra Klem-Haluczak the end of March 2019. I reached out to her to comment on her Easter photo of Chloe and explained that I was going to be looking for my first show dog. When Chandra looked at my Facebook she noticed I had a litter of puppies at the time. We talked for a bit and she told me she had 1 show quality puppy available, Orange Female. I jumped at the opportunity to own a Rodsden dog and purchased my first show puppy, Rodsdens Flyin B Jazzin It Up Making Memories. It wasn’t until February of 2020 that I found out that as I was celebrating my blessings when I purchased Jazz, another family was devastated and suffering a heartbreaking loss because that puppy that I had purchased from Chandra Klem-Haluczak, had already been sold to them. They were previous Rodsden clients who had worked extensively with Joan and had no reason to believe the business was being run any differently by her granddaughter. This family’s beloved Rottweiler had just passed when they decided that they wanted to fill the holes In their hearts with one last Rottweiler and they wanted that dog to be a Rodsden Rottweiler. They contacted Chandra Klem-Haluczak and put a deposit on “Orange Female” - Jazz. Here is our story in a timeline.

Timeline for Jazz

Documentation is on file for every item on this list.

1/4/2019 – Janice W. put down a deposit of $500 on the Chloe/Benelli Litter for a female

3/4/2019 – Jazz was born

3/26/19 – Janice W. Posted she was going to see Jazz next week

3/31/19 – Chandra told Jen Thompson there was a puppy available (Orange Girl) and sent her the litter info.

4/1/19 – Chandra sent Jen Thompson the deposit options for Jazz

4/2/19 – Chandra sent Jen Thompson the contract

4/2/19 – Jennifer Thompson Paid Chandra a $500 deposit for Jazz

4/2/19 - Janice and Hobart W. FLEW from Corpus Christi, TX to visit Jazz at Chandra’s home in IL on Mr. W.’s birthday.

4/8/19 – Jennifer Thompson sent Chandra the signed contract for Jazz

4/11/19 – Chandra sent Jen Thompson photo and weight updates on Jazz

4/13/19 – Chandra signed the contract for co-ownership with Jen Thompson for Jazz

1/15/19 – Chandra sent Jen Thompson AKC Pet Insurance Certificate Forms for Jazz

4/16/19 – Chandra sent Jen Thompson copies of Jazz’s vet visit

4/20/19-4/28/19 – Chandra sent multiple update photos of Chloe and Jazz to Jen Thompson

5/2/19 – Chandra sent Jen Thompson Jazz’s Registration Certificate with both Jennifer’s and Chandra’s name on it

5/4/2019 – Chandra drove Jazz to Jen Thompson’s House and dropped her off to Jen Thompson and picked up 2 puppies from Jen Thompsons litter.

5/7/19 – Chandra sent Jen Thompson an email to NOT announce Jazz on Facebook since she had not announced who she chose from her waiting list to get puppies at that point.

5/22/19-5/25/19 - Janice and Hobart W. DROVE 1,325 MILES, from Corpus Christi, TX to Chandra’s in IL during very bad weather. This was when the tornados touched down in Joplin, MO. They kept in cell contact with Chandra the entire trip. All for a puppy that had already been re-homed to Jennifer Thompson and no longer resided with Chandra Klem.

5/25/19 – Janice and Hobart W. were scheduled to pick up Jazz from Chandra. Chandra told them that her mother was diagnosed with Leukemia and had to have a procedure and asked if they could reschedule until tomorrow, 5/26/19 to which they readily agreed.

5/26/19 – Janice and Hobart W. checked out of their hotel and prepared to pick up Jazz.

2 Hours before pick up they received a text with from Chandra stating that she decided to keep the puppy. Chandra blocked all contact with them & from them within 15 minutes.

6/26/19 – Janice W. Made a post on Facebook that Chandra would not give her Jazz and would not refund her money

9/2019 – Janice W. posted that they did get their deposit back after hiring an attorney to contact Chandra

The 2 Facebook post from Janice W. were found and sent to me in February of 2020. I reached out to Janice W. on Feb. 20th, 2020. The W. Family have been wonderfully supportive and have helped me put together this accurate timeline of events.

My Statement Regarding Chandra Klem-Haluczak forging my signature on a breeders Pet Contract for a Show Prospect puppy as well as on an AKC application form.

Puppy Involved: Kiara - AKA: Red Girl/Big Girl

Registered Name: Macree's Ceathair Kinsale V Polo CGC / WS64158801

Breeder: Ms. Sharon L Langlotz-Johnson

Facts: All information is documented and on file.


This situation started 5 days after Chandra Klem-Haluczak dropped off my very first show puppy Jazz. I was hesitant to get a 2nd puppy but she explained that the breeder had just been in a terrible motorcycle accident and she was helping her care for and place 4 of her puppies. She was confident one was show quality and that it was a great opportunity. I had never shown before and wasn't sure if I would be able to work with 2 puppies at once to help get them to where they needed to be as show dogs when I had no experience whatsoever. I went over every concern with Chandra. She convinced me that she would help with everything. I felt so proud that she had so much confidence in me that I practically jumped at the chance and bought her. The help from her never came. Luckily my 11 year old granddaughter Natalie loves dogs as much as I do and we were both willing to give those 2 puppies our very best so twice a week I would go pick her up after work, drive the 40 minutes home, we would pack up puppies and then the two of us made the 1 hour drive to Kalamazoo Kennel Club in Michigan every Tuesday and then to Planet Canine in Elkhart, IN every Thursday for a 2nd class. My granddaughter spent almost every weekend at my house as well training, not because I asked, but because she loves it. I worked with Jazz and Natalie worked with Kiara. Unfortunately Kiara did not turn out to be a show dog but she was so willing to please and she gave Natalie a great first experience at the Matches and UKC shows we practiced at. Like the rest of us on this page, we learned a lot during our first year and that is invaluable. Here is Kiaras story in a timeline.

5/9/2019 – Chandra Klem-Haluczak asked Jennifer Thompson about co-owning a pup from breeder Sharon Langlotz-Johnson. When Jennifer Thompson asked Chandra the price, this was her response: “Open to discussion. I would definitely pay showing and training costs on her.

5/11/2019 – Jennifer Thompson purchased “Red Girl” - Kiara for $1,700.00 from Chandra Klem-Haluczak, who was acting as a selling agent for owner and breeder of MaCree Rottweilers, Sharon Langlotz-Johnson, who had just been in a terrible motorcycle accident.

5/12/19 – Chandra Klem-Haluczak confirmed to Jennifer Thompson via email, “All monies have been transferred to Sharon️, she ours!” referring to “Red Girl” - Kiara. This statement by Chandra Klem-Haluczak, was confirmed at a later date by MaCree owner and breeder, Sharon Langlotz-Johnson to be a deception. Chandra Klem-Haluczak had not paid the breeder for “Red Girl” - Kiara at that time.

5/12/2019 – Chandra Klem-Haluczak sent Jennifer Thompson a “Limited Pet Quality” contract from MaCree Rottweilers with no breeding rights.

5/13/19 – After reviewing the contract, Jennifer Thompson questioned Chandra Klem-Haluczak and notified her that the contract was for limited registration with no breeding rights. Jennifer Thompson did not fill out or sign the contract.

Chandra Klem-Haluczak’s reply to Jennifer Thompson was, “Anytime you send limited it can be changed. This is done to ensure breeder approves before breeding. I also asked her to change prior to sending in.”

Chandra Klem-Haluczak’s 2nd reply to Jennifer Thompson was, “Believe me Sharon and I as breeder only keep full registrations. I had to change a couple of mine. Akc automatically sent out as limited. But good catch! Registration has not been sent in. I still have.”

6/6/2019 – Jennifer Thompson picked “Red Girl” Kiara up at the Wheaton dog show in Wheaton, IL.

6/22/2019 – Jennifer Thompson asked Chandra Klem-Haluczak for a copy of “Red Girl” - Kiaras registration paperwork.

6/23/2019 - Chandra Klem-Haluczak replied that she had not received it yet because the breeder was behind.

7/9/2019 – 3:36pm - Chandra Klem-Haluczak told Jennifer Thompson that Kiara’s AKC registration was mailed in.

Jennifer Thompson asked Chandra Klem-Haluczak what she chose for “Red Girl” - Kiara’s registered name. Chandra Klem-Haluczak replied that her registered name was, “MaCrees Royal Kiara.”

7/9/2019 – 3:44pm – Jennifer Thompson registered “Red Girl” - Kiara for a UKC Temporary Number with the unknowingly falsified name Chandra Klem-Haluczak gave her, “MaCrees Royal Kiara.” UKC show registration was for showing and handling practice while participating in local UKC shows.

7/22/2019 – “Red Girl”- Kiara completed her obedience classes and passed her AKC Star Puppy Test – Jennifer Thompson submitted it with an unknowingly falsified name that Chandra Klem-Haluczak provided to her, “McCrees Royal Kiara.”

8/29/2019 – Jennifer Thompson asked Chandra Klem-Haluczak again for a copy of “Red Girl” - Kiaras registration paperwork.

Chandra Klem-Haluczak’s reply was, “Kiaras registration will Have shortly. Also, Sharon will probably contact you to check in”.

8/29/2019 – Unbeknownst to buyer, Jennifer Thompson or breeder, Sharon Langlotz-Johnson, Chandra Klem fraudulently forged Jennifer Thompsons name on a MaCree Rottweilers contract as well as an AKC registration form and mailed it to MaCree’s owner and breeder Sharon Langlotz-Johnson.

10/10/2019 – 10/14/2019 – Jennifer Thompson, “Red Girl” – Kiara’s owner and owner/breeder of MaCree’s Rottweilers, Sharon Langlotz-Johnson were introduced at the MRC specialty in St. Charles, IL. Contact information was exchanged.

10/29/2019 – Jennifer Thompson asked Chandra Klem-Haluczak again for a copy of “Red Girl” - Kiara’s registration paperwork. As Kiara’s owner, Jennifer Thompson wanted “Red Girl” – Kiara’s certificates, show entries and vet paperwork to reflect the accurate registered name.

Chandra Klem-Haluczak replied, “Yes will defiantly get this done. I’m out of town for a few days.

11/16/2019 – Kiaras breeder, Sharon Langlotz-Johnson sent Jennifer Thompson an email along with a MaCree Rottweilers contract for “Red Girl” - Kiara. Phone conversations took place between the two parties regarding showing Kiara and the requirements for “Red Girl” – Kiara’s AKC Registered name. Jennifer Thompson was told that “Red Girl” – Kiara, was not registered as to date and that “MaCree’s Royal Kiara” was not her registered name. Chandra Klem-Haluczak had misrepresented the situation with the registration to Jennifer Thompson. Registered names were discussed, one was chosen and registration paperwork was sent in by MaCree owner and breeder, Sharon Langlotz-Johnson.

This was a big red flag for both buyer Jennifer Thompson and MaCree owner and breeder Sharon Langlotz-Johnson but both parties felt Chandra Klem-Haluczak was perhaps just very un-organized and/or misconstrued the arrangement between herself and the breeder.

12/4/2019 – Jennifer Thompson finally received “Red Girl” - Kiara’s AKC registration certificate from MaCree Rottweilers owner and breeder, Sharon Langlotz-Johnson.

1/6/2020 – Jennifer Thompson received a text message from “Red Girl” - Kiara’s breeder, Sharon Langlotz-Johnson, that Chandra Klem-Haluczak, had finally sent her the final payment for “Red Girl” - Kiara, almost 8 months after Chandra Klem-Haluczak told Jennifer Thompson via email that the full payment for the dog had been sent.

2/22/20 – The day buyer Jennifer Thompson and breeder Sharon Langlotz-Johnson learned and verified that Chandra Klem-Haluczak fraudulently forged Jennifer Thompsons name to a MaCree’s Contract and AKC Registration Application.

9:25am: MaCree Rottweilers owner and breeder, Sharon Langlotz-Johnson, was talking to owner Jennifer Thompson via phone and asked if she had ever received and signed any contract for “Red Girl” – Kiara, from Chandra Klem-Haluczak. Jennifer Thompson replied that she had received one but had not signed any contract for “Red Girl” – Kiara. Jennifer Thompson explained to Sharon Langlotz-Johnson that Chandra Klem-Haluczak had sent her one to sign on 5/13/19, but that she pointed out to Chandra Klem-Haluczak that it was a “Pet Contract” and that she would not sign that.

Sharon Langlotz-Johnson told Jennifer Thompson about the signed contract and AKC application documents that she had received via Fed-Ex from Chandra, with Jennifer Thompson’s signature on them. Sharon Langlotz-Johnson then asked Jennifer Thompson if Chandra Klem-Haluczak notified her that “Red-Girl – Kiara was born with a heart murmur and provided Jennifer Thompson with a copy of the veterinary paperwork showing the test results that were to be disclosed to all buyers. Jennifer Thompson stated that Chandra Klem-Haluczak had not disclosed that to her. Breeder Sharon Langlotz-Johnson stated that she would look for them and then send Jennifer Thompson a copy of them.

9:48am: Sharon Langlotz-Johnson called Jennifer Thompson back and stated that she had found them and would send them to Jennifer Thompson, which she did. Sharon Langlotz-Johnson told Jennifer Thompson to take a look at them and she would give her a call back in a few minutes.

9:57am: Sharon Langlotz-Johnson called Jennifer Thompson back again and both parties discussed the documents and situation. Buyer, Jennifer Thompson confirmed that the signatures on both the MaCree Contract as well as the AKC Registration Application that Chandra Klem-Haluczak sent by Fed Ex to breeder, Sharon Langlotz-Johnson, were forged and were not her signature.

Jen Thompson

This is an account of someone who would like to remain anonymous.  

In February of 2019 I contacted Chandra Klem through the Rodsden Rottweilers FB page and messenger. I was looking to buy my first ever puppy as I have always adopted from rescues in the past. My last two dogs I had gotten as adults and the time I got to spend with them was precious but I wanted to get a puppy so I could have a free extra years. I also wanted to know the health clearances and pedigrees of the parents so I could find a puppy that was less likely to have health problems and I could get an idea of what the parents temperament was. The male Rottweiler I had at the time, was close to 11 years old and I had spent the last 6 months nursing him back from a tumor surgery. I knew my time with him was limited and I wanted to get a puppy into my house before he passed away. She told me about the parents, their pedigrees, show histories and their health clearances. It was everything I wanted so I paid the deposit. I paid $1895.00 in total.

On March 4, 2019 Chandra Klem contacted me to let me know the puppies had been born. All through March, April and until I was supposed to pick up my puppy in May, she sent me pictures and videos of the puppies. I went to pick up my puppy and I thought she looked a little small. Chandra told me that she was the smallest in the litter.

For months I tried to get my registration papers on my puppy. There was always an excuse as to why I hadn't gotten them.

In February 2020, I was contacted by Jen Thompson. She let me know she had whelped my puppy. She was looking for pictures to share with the group of puppy owners from the same breeding. I sent her a picture collage my daughter had made if our puppy indicating her birth date as 3/4/19. Jen then had the tough job of informing me that my puppy was born on 3/15/19 to her female Ruby and was a part of the Bo/Ruby litter, not the Benelli/Chloe litter as I had been told by Chandra. We confirmed that my puppy was indeed from her litter through microchip. She was able to get me new registration papers for my puppy.

I also found out that I paid $695. 00 more than what Chandra paid for this puppy. I emailed Chandra Klem but she will not turn my emails.

I thought I had done my homework and found a reputable breeder. I was wrong. Please don't make the same mistake as I did.


In May, 2019 I went to the AKC Marketplace on their website thinking it was a good place to find a trustworthy breeder. On May 13, 2019, I began discussing with Chandra the possibility of purchasing a puppy from her. She said that she did not have any puppies but had a good friend and “Co-breeder” in California who had a litter and she could get a puppy from her. Her contract states that the parents of the pup had clearances for hips, eyes, elbows and heart. On our contract with Rodsden Rottweilers, Chandra listed the Dam as Chancellor Rottweiler’s “Wicked” and said the pups were born on April 26th and that Wendi from Chancellor was her “Co-Breeder”. She said that she would be meeting Wendi’s boyfriend in St Louis because he was coming this way with other puppies. The puppy arrived 5 days late. During those 5 days there were shallow excuses and strange fabrications by Chandra concerning why she was held up. She demanded pre-payment in full and when she showed up with the pup it was clearly a different dog than the one that we had secured. She had sent us pictures of our puppy several times while we were waiting and the puppy she showed up with was clearly a different dog both in size and appearance.  I was expecting 12 week old pup (according to our contract) and the puppy was clearly only 8 weeks old at the most.  Chandra explained that his small size was due to the fact that he had not been properly cared for by the California breeder.  In addition, Chandra supplied no health certificate, no proof of health clearances of the parents of the pup, and no pedigree docs as promised. Upon further examination by 2 different veterinarians, the puppy was found to be much younger than 12 weeks old at the time of transport and final sale, even though Chandra promised a 12 week old pup . Chandra finally admitted to the switch but blamed the switch on Chancellor Rotts and said that they had given her the wrong puppy. Chandra set a date deadline herself for full refund, and asked that a release of liability be drawn up for all to sign, yet never executed the agreement nor returned the money to the us, using shallow excuses and lies to avoid payment such as “My Paypal account is screwed up” etc.

Chandra broke her agreement with me by supplying a puppy that was NOT the agreed upon puppy that we paid a total of $1,900 to her before she even showed up with the puppy.

She said that she would forward the AKC registration papers to me as well as the OFA certs from the parents, proving that they were OFA cleared for hips, eyes, elbows and heart. She has not given me any paperwork on anything.

In February of 2019 I did a Facebook search for “Chandra Klem” and found Stephanie Lubbers post about her bad experience with Chandra. This led me to realizing that there were many other people in the same boat. Stephanie put the word out and helped me find the true breeder of our puppy. It turns out that the Breeder’s experience with Chandra is that Chandra withheld her true identity and pretended to be me when purchasing the pet quality puppy. When my puppy's true breeder texted Chandra several times to check to see how the puppy was doing, Chandra texted her photos of my daughter with the puppy and pretended it was Chandra’s daughter. I had texted Chandra pics of my daughter with our pup the first night he was here and she turned around and texted them to the breeder, pretending it was her daughter and the puppy was in her house. The photos she texted this breeder were ones that I had sent to Chandra of our pup's first night with us and were taken with the puppy in bed with my young daughter (clearly a private moment).  She turned around and texted those pics to our pups true breeder.  Eventually Chandra stopped communicating with the breeder. It was not until the true breeder found me in a Facebook group, that she knew what had vhappened to her puppy. She is currently working on getting his AKC papers for me.

Stephanie also put me in contact with Wendi Lewellen of Chancellor Rottweilers who never had any plans with Chandra to sell her puppies from Wicked born in April. It was all a big lie that Chandra had told me in order to sell me a puppy.  I found out later that Chandra sold the puppy to me for almost twice the amount that she paid the breeder for the pet quality puppy.

Currently we still have the puppy and he is a beloved member of our family.

Chandra talked a good talk and sold herself on her grandmother’s reputation, but as it turns out, Chandra is just a con artist. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Stay away from Chandra!

 Fonzell Pasquale 

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My  experience with Chandra was a bit different. It was one of a “victim” She reached out looking for a puppy for her daughter (there is no daughter).

Her claim was that she had been taken for two different deposits from two different breeders. When we spoke on the phone she let me know how skeptical she was of trusting again. And that her daughter was devastated from waiting two different puppies.

At the time all I had was 2 males left and 1 that was pet quality only (overbite) and another that could be sold for pet or with full rights. Since all she wanted was a pet for “her daughter” she went with Orange Boy who we named “Odie”

I typically sell my pet quality pups for $1250 but given her “experiences” I let Odie go for $1000.


We met up after she finally sent me a $200 deposit and we met in Joliet since I was already meeting 2 previous clients of ours and she jumped on the opportunity to link up.

When I met her she continued the act, I asked where her daughter was and her response was it was a surprise for her. I thought it was so sweet .

She was having a hard time using her PayPal to pay me and wanted to send it via non friends and family of course I refused.

She then tried to say it wasn’t working and she would send it when she got home. I kindly declined and let her know she can go to a bank instead.

All of a sudden... it worked.  We signed the contract,  took pictures and she was on her way with the puppy. 

That evening and the next I reached out to see how the pup was doing and she then continued the lie that he was amazing and her “daughter” was absolutely in love with him.

Fast forward to about 5 days later. I received a message about health concerns with the puppy and although we vet all of our pups prior to leaving our home,  we understood that sometimes our vet can miss something.

I kindly asked for the paperwork from her vet to be sent to my vet and also a number to call.

She continued to ignore me.  Two days later she said that it was not her normal vet and she was going to wait on hers.  Again, I said please forward any and all info to my vet.

-Health concern #1 (low grade heart murmur)

Which I advised he might outgrow

- Health concern #2 Luxating Patella

Something that is very hard to diagnose as a young pup but not unheard of hence why I asked all vet records send to my vet.

Now let me also say that when we sold the pup, he was sold at pet quality with no health guarantee but even with that, I still wanted to fix the situation and find a happy solution for both her family and the pup. She didn’t care too much to comply to send info to vet so I offered to take the pup back and offered another pup in the future. Then I called and left a message that I would return her money and We would have dealt with any issues that he had. She finally reached out again in messenger said she was dealing with a family emergency and said that she would not return the puppy for a refund because “her daughter” was very attached to the pup.

Then she continued to ignore any messages about the puppy.

I started digging into her a little more and that’s when I realized that she was connected to Rodsden Rottweilers. I was so confused I couldn’t understand why such a well known kennel would want one of my pet quality pups... I reached out, demanding an answer as to why she wanted hide who she really was, and of course I was blocked. 

It wasn’t until a few months ago that I was added into a group on messenger exposing this terrible person!

I was one of the fortunate breeders that was connected with the real owner and the Mother of the “daughter” (yes you heard that right she was pretending to be the mom of this beautiful little girl.  She sent me pictures of somebody else’s child)! One of her in the bed sleeping next to the pup in his crate (very private moment). This kind woman was sharing an intimate moment with the woman who she trusted to be her breeder, because she trusted the Rodsden name.  All the while Chandra was sharing this woman’s personal information with me to continue her lie.

I know this is a long read and there might be a few missed things, but this horrible story didn’t end with me unfortunately. She is continuing to do the same thing to other breeders and unsuspecting families.

Beibelyn Bonner, Vom Dynasty  Hause Rottweilers

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