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This website exists to help people learn about experiences that breeders, handlers and families have had with Chandra Klem Haluczak and Rodsden Rottweilers. PLEASE look at the information  before buying a puppy, giving her a down payment, or entering into any contract with Chandra or her mother, Lori Janik. 

All of the testimonies on this site were provided by the individuals and are true to the best of our knowledge. In addition to the details provided to us by the individuals on this website, in most cases we have seen contracts, emails to and from Chandra Klem Haluczak, photos, texts and signed affidavits.  If you would like more information regarding any of the accounts written on this website, please email us at






Chandra Klem Haluczak is operating Rodsden Rottweilers, which was founded by her grandmother, Joan Klem. Joan is a pioneer for the Rottweiler breed and spent decades showing, judging, breeding and contributing greatly to furthering the Rottweiler breed. Unfortunately, Chandra has disgraced what her grandmother has accomplished and has broken the law many times, spent time in jail and has defrauded many people out of money. She has lied many times about the breeding of her dogs and has forged documents. She has brokered puppies many times, which is not only extremely unethical, it’s also illegal. She has broken many, many contracts with both other breeders and buyers alike. Chandra has been and currently is involved in numerous court cases, including a recent appearance on Judge Judy, where she lost to the plaintiff for taking a deposit on a puppy and then failing to produce a puppy or refund his deposit (Season 24, episode 159).

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